Catherine Broughton is a published author, blogger, poet and artist. Her books are available from Amazon/Kindle or can be ordered from most book stores and libraries.

Catherine is English but was born in South Africa . Her father was a doctor of tropical disease and his work took the family all over the world. They spent many exciting years in various parts of Africa, the South Pacific, Switzerland and, later, Spain, Belize and France. This life of travel is reflected in her novels.

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Christian Dior – snippets of French history.

4 months ago

birds around the world; sketches of birds

6 months ago

How do you dial 999 in France ? Living in France.

6 months ago

French history in a nutshell. Napoleon’s mother.

7 months ago

Running your own business, being self-employed.

5 months ago

Speaking French; language and its idiosyncracies.

6 months ago

Food during the Prussian seige of Paris 1870-1871. Snippets of French history.

6 months ago

Rulers of France after the French Revolution. Kings, emperors and presidents.

7 months ago

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