Anne used to be a boy’s name. Snippets of French history.

7 hours ago

Things you need to know before your parents get old.

2 months ago

Modern Art 1860-1970. Fauvism and Expressionism.

2 months ago

Modern Art 1860-1970. Part 1. Post-Impressionists.

2 months ago

La Marianne. Snippets of French history.

4 months ago

Running your own business, being self-employed.

7 months ago

The French language; learning French. The tu and the vous of it.

13 days ago

Modern Art 1860 – 1970. Cubism and the rest of it.

2 months ago

Modern Art, 1860 -1970, Symbolism.

2 months ago

Armistice Day in France

3 months ago

Christian Dior – snippets of French history.

5 months ago

Speaking French; language and its idiosyncracies.

7 months ago

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