The lover

ink wash 2 001


Cloaked in the raw night air you came,
Stepping through the doorway of my day.
Who said to draw back the curtain, love,
And reveal how naked we lay ?
There is no right nor wrong to this,
The ebbing tides of such lust.
Mantled in the morning sun you go,
Weeping, and so unjust …
Love is not a pain nor a joy.
It fades, it cools in its heat.
Love is the clasping of the tremors
Whenever our eyes meet.

Catherine Broughton is a novelist, artist and a poet.  Her books are on Amazon and Kindle or can be ordered from most leading bookstores and libraries.  More about Catherine Broughton on www.turquoisemoon.co.uk

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Posted by Catherine Broughton on 18 July 2012
Catherine is a novelist, a poet and an artist. Her books are available from this site as e-books or can be ordered from any leading book store or library.

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